MJ – Not my Hero..

Now that the dust has settled on the Death of Michael Jackson and the Media frenzy surromichael-jacksonunding it running upto his memorial service, I thought this would be the right time to run my mouth(Or hands actually) on what I feel about MJ. Being in India, I have to say MJ is the original breakout artist who crossed all boundaries and language barriers around the world. Especially in India, people started listening to American Pop only after MJ’s “Thriller” became a run away hit here. I can still remember, I was in the 5th or 6th grade i think, when ‘Thriller’ came out, and thats 3 years after it was released in the US and then followed by ‘Dangerous which came to the Indian market around the same time it got released in the US. I used to play this records over and over and over again. Even now, one of my Favorite pop songs is “don’t stop till you get enough” by MJ, can never get enough of that one. Michael Jackson is a MUSICAL GENIUS period.  But……

I couldn’t bring myself to stop wobbling between the extremes of laughter and outrage when I was watching the memorial service the other day (thanks to cnn.com and facebook for putting it live on the internet) and the media coverage in general. It was a complete Joke. It was especially scary to see Mariah Carey with her low neckline singing next to a corpse. It was plain torture and the kind of stuff which gives you nightmares. What I am trying to say is, they made the guy out to be some kind of Martin Luther King Jr. When in truth, he is the exact opposite of that. And to watch the Joker Rev. Al Sharpton harping on how MJ had a lot to do with Barack Obama (first black) becoming the president and how MJ apparently taught us to “love one another” you would think that he is talking about Jesus Christ and the Sermon on the Mount. It was a complete Joke.

The truth is MJ is a pervert. I will try hard not to pass judgments. But we have to call a spade a spade. Yes he is a Musical Genius, Yes he is one of the greatest Dancers, Yes he is one of the greatest entertainers. But that’s it. It has to stop there. Someone should call out all these people for their hypocrisy in making the guy some kind of a civil rights Icon and a Noble person. He is NOT. And I know  that it would be rude on the part of the media to air negative stories when the family is grieving. But what they fail to understand is that they are mainstreaming the perverted, deviant behaviour of Michael Jackson by making him a hero. Just because the guy is a great entertainer doesnt mean that we can give him  a pass for all his deviant and perverted behaviour. If we do that, it contributes to mainstreaming of deviant and abnormal behaviour. Now I know that he is not found guilty of any child molestation charges by the Jury. But that doesn’t mean that he is not guilty. If you read the smoking gun reports about the charges filed on him and the confession made by a couple of kids about their interactions with MJ, it is too graphic, I cant put that material on here. And MJ settled one of those cases out of court apparently paying the kid and his family a whupping 22 Million Dollars. After that he disappeared and we never saw him again. He left a debt of about 400 Million dollars when he died and no money to take care of his kids while all the way spending millions of dollars on himself in the way of prescription drugs and other intoxicants. What kind of a responsible father would do that? And you just watch and see as the dirt comes out one after the other now that he is dead. I truly believe he has too many hidden skeletons in his closet and they would start coming out soon. You just wait and watch.

I think everyone should read this article  (http://tinyurl.com/lcznue)  which came out in the British press while the American press is doing its best in still covering up everything and presenting a rosy and cosy picture about MJ’s life. Thats IT. I have spit out whatever is running in my mind on this issue. Everyone’s entitled to have their own opinion.  If you still think MJ is some kind of a Noble human being, you are free to think so….But there I said it about what I think about this guy. He is a musical genius but a pervert in his personal life. Definitely not my hero.

Cheers….keep checking for new posts……


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  1. Shanthi on

    Hmmm. enjoyed reading it .. I have a different perspective though.. if not proven.. not guilty.. MJ was too sensitive for anything and to endure it seems like he was on drugs… But hell yes… they made a joke out of that memorial.. i was caught between tears running down my eyes for him being dead and red faced anger for the performances..
    Not my hero too.. but definitely someone I admire with my heart.

    • samuelwesley on

      Glad u liked it…He was on drugs…not because he was too sensitive…but because thats the only way he can stay alive…by being “Intoxicated”. Else he was suicidal…..

  2. Ramkumar on

    I enjoyed reading this blog…It’s really interesting one for me….Though I was not very much aware about MJ in the initial days…Later on I have became a big fan of him after listening albums like..Thriller and Dangerous…As u said he has been a pervert for more than a decade before his death, we never know the reasons why he has became like that…I believe that each and everything happens in this world has a strong reason behind it.. and god is only one who knows about it…More than anything Michael is a great Musician and my all time favorite performer on stage.

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