A Tale of two Resignations….

I recently quit my Job and am going to join a new Job tomorrow. In my career of 5 years I quit my Job twice, Which when I told one elderly person that I know well, He immediately retorted saying, “just be careful, changing Jobs frequently early in your career is not good for you”… I had to correct his misconception with statistics. According to Indian Industry standards, If someone sees that I was with my first firm for 3 years and the second for almost 2 years, I would be considered to be “loyal”. But anyways, this blog is not to prove my loyalty to anybody, or talk about it. I have a completely different take on “loyalty” and I can write a whole blog or even a book on that.

Today I went to the office to finish my “full and final(F&F ? )” settlement and other formalities and on my way back, I was thinking about the two resignations that I went through so far and how different each one is….
My first Job was in HCL and I quit that Job after working 3 years there as I wanted to do an MBA, which actually didnt work out as I planned. But when I quit that Job, I can still remember I actually felt an emotional connection with the computer that I used there, As I was logging off for the last time from that computer I used for a long time, I actually felt like I was breaking up from a really nice girlfriend. I almost had tears in my eyes(NO Kidding). But somehow my second resignation is much different, I just couldn’t wait to get out of there.

I was thinking why it was so different. I somehow felt “like a fish out of the water” in this firm. I think it was because I just didn’t find any of my peers who are at my wavelength. Iam not talking about capabilities or intellect when I say wavelength. Its just attitudes and behaviour. When I look back, I hardly spoke to any of my peers, except a couple( actually except just one, I think he would know who he is). I had great managers, whom I never had any issues with ever. I definitely had a good time here but the context is, I am comparing this experience with my previous experience in a different firm. The bunch of guys that I hung out with in HCL 2 years back are still some of my best friends who I still get together with occasionally and have a blast. When HCL says “Employee first and Customer Second” Its just not an attention catching marketing phrase. They do mean it.

And another reason why the experience was so different is because, I was in operations in HCL as  a Team Lead (Billable Resource) and here I was an executive in a sales team(Non-billable resource). Now thats a very big difference there. But I made a decision to be in sales as I felt that is the “happening place”.  I had to take up an “account executive” role coz I was making a career shift to Software sales. I did learn a lot, but I am not trying to list down all the positives and negatives of my Job here, I am just comparing the experience of resigning from two firms.

And another, and I think the main, thing that I think explains  the big difference that I felt while resigning is that, maybe I just lost all emotions. I am not as emotional as I was 2 years back?? I dont know. Or maybe there is nothing that made me emotionally attached to the firm even after being there for almost 2 years, I still felt out of place…I dont really know which one it is. But these are some of the things that I think made the difference….

Cheers! Keep checking for new posts…………


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  1. Prem on

    I can relate to what you said about the computer that you were using in HCL. I still remember PVR asking you – is this allowed ? ;P

    • samuelwesley on

      Ha Ha…U bet dude….Good old days….

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