My Problem with Political Correctness: Indian Cable TV

Ok…So Sharukh Khan gets detained in an airport for a couple of hours and India suddenly woke up to the so called “Racial Profiling”. First of all, in my opinion, most people on Indian cable TV screaming “Racial Profiling” dont know the first thing about it.  And even some of our very own CLOWNS in the parliament like Ambika Soni and the likes joined in the chorus, not willing to let go an opportunity to get a good soundbyte in. Now these are the very same clowns who consider it a status symbol to avoid the customary checking and frisking in the airports and even make planes wait for their fat lazy bums. Now coming back to the cable news reporters and “journalists” who are the topic of today, As most cable TV (and Journalism) in India is now owned by Multinational companies (CNN IBN – A TV 18 group company. TV 18’s major investor is VIACOM whose other media properties include MTV, VH1 ; CNBC India – A NBC Universal company whose parent company is GE , Any channel which starts with STAR is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp….etc) most of these TV reporters are just trying to ape their American counterparts shamelessly without knowing diddly-squat about the issues they are talking about or their consequences. The two issues off the top of my head where these guys are being politically correct and just reading out talking points put on the teleprompter for them to read are “Racial Profiling” and “Gobal Warming”

Racial Profiling: I know that if we look at history, Racial Profiling has in some cases led to some very severe attrocities and human rights violations. The first thing that comes to mind is “The Holocaust” when the Germans killed over 6 Million Innocent Jews just because of their ethnicity. And there are similar or less/more brutal genocides that have taken place and definitely Racial Profiling has played a part in that. But at the sametime we have to be careful not to Yell “Racial Profiling” whenever a cop or any law enforcement guy is doing his Job, like the airport security guys who were doing their job when they detained Sharukh Khan. ( I personally would rather have had the clown #1 Salman Khan go through this just for the sheer amusement of the Tantrums he would’ve thrown)  Anyways, we have to remember that we are living in a world now which is seeing terrorist acts like the Mumbai attacks on a daily basis somewhere or the other in the world. Now who are the majority of the guys doing these acts? The Smiths? The Frankensteins?  The Novacks? The Shahs? The Kapoors? The Kumars?  NO. It is The Khans, The Mohammeds, The Sheikhs, The Bin Ladens and the likes…..So you see the point?  Is it “Racial profiling” that most of the guys who are commiting such acts of violence unfotunately have names such as Khan? No. It is called “the reality”, which evidently most people on cable TV are incapable to understand or are not able to say it out of fear of their corporate bosses. This is a typical case of Political Correctness in the Media screwing things up.

Now another most important issue where our Reporters are trying to be their political correct best is the issue of Global warming. Everyother day thesedays when I switch on the TV the whole thing is Green and the News anchor would be wearing a Green Dress and the whole set is Green, It is yet another Green Day in the politically correct Newsroom. And nowadays it is cool for people to feign environmental consciousness. The other day I ripped apart one guy in the Gym who was carrying a Jute bag and started bragging to me that he is environmentally conscious. The guy carries a Jute bag around and actually thinks that he is “Saving the planet”? Give me a break. The Ego of it all. For the most part, Global Warming is being championed by people who want to feel that they are “important” and “relevant” in the world.  Same is the case with out journalists on TV who are taking up this cause. They want to satisfy their massive egos by being in a delusion that they are somehow “Saving the planet” by carrying jute bags around and riding bi-cycles. The fact of the matter is “Man made Global warming” is largely a HOAX. Some of the scientists who are championing global warming are the same ones who once talked about Global Cooling and wrote articles asking if we are going to see another Ice age. Now the Ice age turned out to be a Hoax and they took up this new cause of the warming globe. Even if global warming were to be true, It is NOT man made. It is a proven fact that Carbon dioxide makes up only 0.004% of the greenhouse gases. So even if we controlled the whole Co2 (By not breathing??) it still doesnt stop Global warming. And the funny thing is that no one is Certain that Global warming is true. As a matter of fact recent statistics show a trend of global cooling for past few months.  Now why am I concerned about the clowns in the Media taking up this cause is because, these guys dont know that organizations like Green Peace, and the Sierra Club and the rest who are active in promoting global warming theories believe in things like “Dry Toilets” for the whole of the developing world. They believe that if all the people in the developing world have toilets that can be flushed, The world will run out of water. And another major motivation for these guys is to reduce the use of Fossil Fuels like petrol and diesel by the developing countries which is giving a lot of power to unwanted forces in the Middle
East. And there are other motivations driving them that I dont want to mention here for various reasons.  Anyways what is the all the change in lifestyle that is being advocated by these guys for?? Cutting the .004% of  the greenhouse gases? Even if we cut that, Is it really going to have any significant effect on the Nature and the way it is changing?? Think about it!

Barkha Dutt is one talented journalist but is getting lost in political correctness!!  Rajdeep Sardesai’s wife Sagarika Ghose, like Hillary clinton, Has more ambition than she has talent. It is a perfect  fit for people like her to take up politically correct causes and feel “intellectual” . One journalist that I do like is Sunethra Choudury. She is a perfect mix of intellect and Feminine charm. Hope she doesnt get lost in political correctness too!!!

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