Though the sorrow may last for the night, HIS Joy comes in the morning!

Its been a while since I blogged!! I just lost interest in all things in life becoz of my worsening INSOMNIA!! My best hope right now is that someday some freak scientist will come up with some switch that can be programmed into the mind that can just turn it off and on at will. And the later releases can probably go into advanced timing and alarm clock kind of functions. I think that would be the best possible human innovation that can ever come out. But that looks far fetched at this point. Especially becoz most scientists are now worrying about “saving the planet” than about saving lives. The basic thinking seems to be that ‘People are a burden on this planet and its shrinking resources. The lesser the better.’ my suggestion to them would be – FORGET THE FREAKING PLANET!! LET THE FOLKS BE SAVED!!

I haven’t seen a sleep therapist yet. Hesistating to do that thinking it can only worsen the situation. I am just trying to figure out what could have been the probable causes for this condition. I infact hesistated for a long time to write this post, I didnt see any upside to it, but still decided to go ahead and write all about it to get some clarity of thought on this issue. I have never been a great sleeper from chidhood. Always struggled through the first couple of hours in college with tiredness and drowsiness. Some folks infact suspected that I was a dope or a junkie looking at how haggard I always looked. Fact is I never experimented with that stuff. Now I did have a good 1 year until a couple of months back. Can probably be ascribed to the fact that I started going to the gym regularly. But now my body got used to that as well. Gymming doesnt help anymore, Infact I can hardly go to the gym. I am not sure if any stomach issues can have an impact on sleep, as I did have some gastroentiritis lately. Insomnia is beginning to show its impact on my Psyche as well. I am becoming more sensitive and anxious. sometimes I even feel that I might be getting somekind of a panic attack.

But deep down something tells me and all indications are that this is a passing Phase and I will be back to normal. Hopefully soon. One of my favourite lines is (It is from The BIBLE) “THough the sorrow may last for the night, HIS Joy comes in the morning!” . Currently for me its more like “though the sorrow may last through the day his joy comes in the evening IF I take a sleeping Pill.” But I am sure this will change soon.


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