The Anna Hazare Side Show

It’s been a long time since I blogged, was too busy or didnt see anything around me that I was really passionate about or really pissed about. Right now I am feeling the “pissed” emotion quite strongly….

What can be pissing me off so badly?? Well its the Anna Hazare side show….

I mean I can’t believe that there are thousands of folks in India who without even considering what Lokpal Bill is or knowing anything about it are blindly getting carried away by this so called “revolution”. Everyone wants a revolution, But know one knows what exactly they are fighting for here…..I mean NO ONE! , Including the quite intelligent folks in the Media. I am astounded as to why no one in the Media is asking any questions..Is it because the Media wants a revolution? So they can fill programming hours? I mean they have 24 hours of programming that they need to fill on a daily basis; a revolution would definitely make things easy for them…

I mean COME ON!!!!

If corruption is what everyone is fighting against..Lokpal would be the LAST THING that anyone would support. Who in his right mind, fighting corruption, would support Lokpal???? If it going to do anything it is going to only MULTIPLY the existing corruption….For lack of a better analogy here..the supporters of Lokpal are the kind of guys who quite disgustingly taunted the srilankan cricketers fielding on the boundaries @ the Worldcup final and hurled unbelievable insults at Pakistanis and Srilankans even after our Team won the match, and now the same guys in the Mumbai Galleries are yelling in support of Malinga who is playing for Mumbai Indians….They just want something to yell and shout at…thats about it….that explains everything….Supporters of lokpal and Anna Hazare just need something that they can passionately support because maybe they are so bored in their lives or they just need something that they can yell and shout about and passionately support????

Any rational person would look at the Lokpal bill and throw it in the trash can if rooting out corruption is their cause.

Now all you supporters of Anna Hazare ask yourselves…What is the root cause of corruption????? IT IS POWER IN THE HANDS OF INDIVIDUALS….Especially the folks in the Government….Why do we need so many committees and ministries in the GOvernment? Why do we allow Government to have so much control on our lives? I mean anyone who went to a Government office like the RTO or any registry office will know that even the Peon there would like to make some money off you and would delay things as much as possible until you give him some Bribe….It is natural, it is human nature to take advantage of Power, So if you want to eliminate corruption why cant we look at all those useless commitees and Ministries and get rid of them one after the other until we are left only with the ministries which are absolutely essential???? Scraping the license Raj was a step in the right direction but we have a long way to go along those lines until we are left with as small a government as possible which can do the Job of adminstering the essentials effectively.

Instead of that, the Anna Hazare followers want to form another Powerful body on top of the existing powerful bodies??? to do what?? to eradicate corruption??? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME????

And by the way, Anna Hazare is not exactly the Gandhian Saint that everyone is making him out to be…It is quite romantic to believe it…But it aint true…atleast I am sceptical….The last time he was on a fast, the man apparently wanted to end his fast because journalists from the English media were finding it hard to reach his village.  And he actually agreed after talks with the journalists to end his fast on a Monday instead of a sunday, as originally planned, because he was told by the reporters that Pune elections were to be held on that Sunday and there would be no space in the newspapers.

OK thats enough..I could go on forever…But at the end…Can we put the Anna Hazare CLOWN SHOW aside and MOVE ON please?????


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  1. Sabina on

    Hey Sam….. Looks like you’re really pissed off!!!!! I think you should send this blog of yours to some good newspaper/weekly.. Everyone should read this.. It’s quite a literary masterpiece and political truth!!!

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