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Is Mel Gibson a Hypocrite?

Its been sometime since i wrote my last blog. For most part, it is because I didnt find anything interesting enough for me to rant about.

Now I know that Mel Gibson is old news. I was watching a taped interview of Mel with Leno the other day on youtube and it struck me how much this guy has changed from the time we know him from the “passion of the Christ” days. A lot of people in the media like Bill Maher started saying that he is a hypocrite. But here is my take on this.

A little background:

Flashback to 2004, Mel made the Top grossing film of 2004 and one of the biggest hits in the history which is “The passion of the christ” he spent his own money to produce this film coz none of the hollywood studios would support it saying that it is anti-semitic. And he couldn’t even find anyone in America to distribute the film and he had to distribute the film himself. But it went on to become the highest grosser of 2004 and its History.

fast forward to 2006: Mel Gibson was arrested for DUI  and he apparently made some anti-semitic remarks to the officer who arrested him who happens to be a jew. And it became a big thing in Hollywood with a lot of people calling for blacklisting Mel and his promoting company. And having a father who is a known anti-semite doesn’t especially help at times like these. As hollywood for the most part is run by secular Jews, Mel faded into oblivion from then on, which everybody knows.

Now in 2009, Mel is looking to make a comeback and he has appeared on a lot of talk shows really making fun of himself trying to revive his career. And he is in the news a lot lately because of the nasty divorce that he is going through and it looks like everyother day one russian or Yugoslovakian or Georgian Chic comes out and says that she is the reason for Mel’s divorce. And he himself has been flaunting one russian chic as his girl friend these days.

It gave rise to a lot of Media criticism that Mel is a Hypocrite especially because not so far back in 2004 Gibson was the world’s best-known Traditionalist Catholic, talking about his preference for the old-style teachings of Vatican  (no divorce, no Russian girlfriends while still married). He talked a lot during that days about his apparent “spiritual journey” and to quote him out of readers digest on his film “POTC”: “I wanted to impress on the viewers the enormousness of this sacrifice, the willingness — and the horror of it. I wanted to overwhelm people with it.”

OK I think thats enough background.

Now the question is
1) Is Mel’s religious fervour those days real or is he in it just for the money?
2)What explains his erratic behaviour these days like flaunting a New russian chic as his girl everyother day and making a fool out of himself on talk shows? Like the otherday he actually called himself the “Octo-mel” referring to the fact that his present girl is carrying his 8th Child…(And for those of you who dont know…it is a reference to “Octomom”:  google “octomom” if you are not aware of what this is)

I personally feel that Mel’s religious fervour during the passion of christ days is real and he is basically a religious person trying hard to follow what he was taught as a child in the catholic church. But just like anyother  christian or Social Conservative in other words, he is not perfect.  But he tried hard and is still trying hard, I believe, to be perfect.  But he has no delusions of his perfection unlike all the self-righteous snobs who are critisizing him now of being hypocrytical.

As for his bizzare behaviour, i think he is just trying to reinvent his image as a typical hollywood establishment type or the wild showbusiness type of guy which is essential, I think, for survival in Hollywood and showbusiness in general. I feel hollywood and all these talkshow buffoons in Newyork all promote this kind of decadent culture and you have to be part of that if you want to survive in that business.

OK i think thats enough said as I will invariably go into profanities against the showbusiness guys if I continue any further. But I intend this blog to be PG rated so I am going to stop here……

So is Mel Gibson a Hypocrite? Hell NO!!!
But is he acting like a retard? Definitely Yes.

Keep checking for new posts…cheers.