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the pitcher longs for water to carry..and a person for work that is real.

I work in Business development in an offshore software services firm. And I have to say that I hate my Job right now. It was interesting for a while when I first got into software sales.
My only consolation at this time is that I dont know very many people who are satisfied with their work either. So maybe it isnt that bad.
The title of this post is a fantastic quote by Marge Piercy “the pitcher longs for water to carry/and a person for work that is real.” Right now that is exactly the way I feel….i feel more and more that there is no Job in this world that would satisfy you as much as having your own Business….whatever that business might be….In India, Unfortunately, It is not as glamorous to be a small time entrepreneur as it is to work for a “MNC”. India is like what the Valley was in 1990’s but with a slight twist. No one wants to work in a start up company as a start up due to socio economic factors such as arranged marriage which is still a big thing, when parents walk up to seek a bride or a groom, the question they ask is, which company do you work for and if it is a company the parents have heard of, then they are on top of the list, if not, they are in queue . India has not seen a netscape or a google that has made millionaires out of employees and hence it is not cool to work for a startup either…
i liked this NYT piece: The case for working with your hands.
think it is relevant to what I am writing about now….A JOB THAT IS REAL…..