The Anna Hazare Side Show

It’s been a long time since I blogged, was too busy or didnt see anything around me that I was really passionate about or really pissed about. Right now I am feeling the “pissed” emotion quite strongly….

What can be pissing me off so badly?? Well its the Anna Hazare side show….

I mean I can’t believe that there are thousands of folks in India who without even considering what Lokpal Bill is or knowing anything about it are blindly getting carried away by this so called “revolution”. Everyone wants a revolution, But know one knows what exactly they are fighting for here…..I mean NO ONE! , Including the quite intelligent folks in the Media. I am astounded as to why no one in the Media is asking any questions..Is it because the Media wants a revolution? So they can fill programming hours? I mean they have 24 hours of programming that they need to fill on a daily basis; a revolution would definitely make things easy for them…

I mean COME ON!!!!

If corruption is what everyone is fighting against..Lokpal would be the LAST THING that anyone would support. Who in his right mind, fighting corruption, would support Lokpal???? If it going to do anything it is going to only MULTIPLY the existing corruption….For lack of a better analogy here..the supporters of Lokpal are the kind of guys who quite disgustingly taunted the srilankan cricketers fielding on the boundaries @ the Worldcup final and hurled unbelievable insults at Pakistanis and Srilankans even after our Team won the match, and now the same guys in the Mumbai Galleries are yelling in support of Malinga who is playing for Mumbai Indians….They just want something to yell and shout at…thats about it….that explains everything….Supporters of lokpal and Anna Hazare just need something that they can passionately support because maybe they are so bored in their lives or they just need something that they can yell and shout about and passionately support????

Any rational person would look at the Lokpal bill and throw it in the trash can if rooting out corruption is their cause.

Now all you supporters of Anna Hazare ask yourselves…What is the root cause of corruption????? IT IS POWER IN THE HANDS OF INDIVIDUALS….Especially the folks in the Government….Why do we need so many committees and ministries in the GOvernment? Why do we allow Government to have so much control on our lives? I mean anyone who went to a Government office like the RTO or any registry office will know that even the Peon there would like to make some money off you and would delay things as much as possible until you give him some Bribe….It is natural, it is human nature to take advantage of Power, So if you want to eliminate corruption why cant we look at all those useless commitees and Ministries and get rid of them one after the other until we are left only with the ministries which are absolutely essential???? Scraping the license Raj was a step in the right direction but we have a long way to go along those lines until we are left with as small a government as possible which can do the Job of adminstering the essentials effectively.

Instead of that, the Anna Hazare followers want to form another Powerful body on top of the existing powerful bodies??? to do what?? to eradicate corruption??? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME????

And by the way, Anna Hazare is not exactly the Gandhian Saint that everyone is making him out to be…It is quite romantic to believe it…But it aint true…atleast I am sceptical….The last time he was on a fast, the man apparently wanted to end his fast because journalists from the English media were finding it hard to reach his village.  And he actually agreed after talks with the journalists to end his fast on a Monday instead of a sunday, as originally planned, because he was told by the reporters that Pune elections were to be held on that Sunday and there would be no space in the newspapers.

OK thats enough..I could go on forever…But at the end…Can we put the Anna Hazare CLOWN SHOW aside and MOVE ON please?????


Though the sorrow may last for the night, HIS Joy comes in the morning!

Its been a while since I blogged!! I just lost interest in all things in life becoz of my worsening INSOMNIA!! My best hope right now is that someday some freak scientist will come up with some switch that can be programmed into the mind that can just turn it off and on at will. And the later releases can probably go into advanced timing and alarm clock kind of functions. I think that would be the best possible human innovation that can ever come out. But that looks far fetched at this point. Especially becoz most scientists are now worrying about “saving the planet” than about saving lives. The basic thinking seems to be that ‘People are a burden on this planet and its shrinking resources. The lesser the better.’ my suggestion to them would be – FORGET THE FREAKING PLANET!! LET THE FOLKS BE SAVED!!

I haven’t seen a sleep therapist yet. Hesistating to do that thinking it can only worsen the situation. I am just trying to figure out what could have been the probable causes for this condition. I infact hesistated for a long time to write this post, I didnt see any upside to it, but still decided to go ahead and write all about it to get some clarity of thought on this issue. I have never been a great sleeper from chidhood. Always struggled through the first couple of hours in college with tiredness and drowsiness. Some folks infact suspected that I was a dope or a junkie looking at how haggard I always looked. Fact is I never experimented with that stuff. Now I did have a good 1 year until a couple of months back. Can probably be ascribed to the fact that I started going to the gym regularly. But now my body got used to that as well. Gymming doesnt help anymore, Infact I can hardly go to the gym. I am not sure if any stomach issues can have an impact on sleep, as I did have some gastroentiritis lately. Insomnia is beginning to show its impact on my Psyche as well. I am becoming more sensitive and anxious. sometimes I even feel that I might be getting somekind of a panic attack.

But deep down something tells me and all indications are that this is a passing Phase and I will be back to normal. Hopefully soon. One of my favourite lines is (It is from The BIBLE) “THough the sorrow may last for the night, HIS Joy comes in the morning!” . Currently for me its more like “though the sorrow may last through the day his joy comes in the evening IF I take a sleeping Pill.” But I am sure this will change soon.

My Problem with Political Correctness: Indian Cable TV

Ok…So Sharukh Khan gets detained in an airport for a couple of hours and India suddenly woke up to the so called “Racial Profiling”. First of all, in my opinion, most people on Indian cable TV screaming “Racial Profiling” dont know the first thing about it.  And even some of our very own CLOWNS in the parliament like Ambika Soni and the likes joined in the chorus, not willing to let go an opportunity to get a good soundbyte in. Now these are the very same clowns who consider it a status symbol to avoid the customary checking and frisking in the airports and even make planes wait for their fat lazy bums. Now coming back to the cable news reporters and “journalists” who are the topic of today, As most cable TV (and Journalism) in India is now owned by Multinational companies (CNN IBN – A TV 18 group company. TV 18’s major investor is VIACOM whose other media properties include MTV, VH1 ; CNBC India – A NBC Universal company whose parent company is GE , Any channel which starts with STAR is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp….etc) most of these TV reporters are just trying to ape their American counterparts shamelessly without knowing diddly-squat about the issues they are talking about or their consequences. The two issues off the top of my head where these guys are being politically correct and just reading out talking points put on the teleprompter for them to read are “Racial Profiling” and “Gobal Warming”

Racial Profiling: I know that if we look at history, Racial Profiling has in some cases led to some very severe attrocities and human rights violations. The first thing that comes to mind is “The Holocaust” when the Germans killed over 6 Million Innocent Jews just because of their ethnicity. And there are similar or less/more brutal genocides that have taken place and definitely Racial Profiling has played a part in that. But at the sametime we have to be careful not to Yell “Racial Profiling” whenever a cop or any law enforcement guy is doing his Job, like the airport security guys who were doing their job when they detained Sharukh Khan. ( I personally would rather have had the clown #1 Salman Khan go through this just for the sheer amusement of the Tantrums he would’ve thrown)  Anyways, we have to remember that we are living in a world now which is seeing terrorist acts like the Mumbai attacks on a daily basis somewhere or the other in the world. Now who are the majority of the guys doing these acts? The Smiths? The Frankensteins?  The Novacks? The Shahs? The Kapoors? The Kumars?  NO. It is The Khans, The Mohammeds, The Sheikhs, The Bin Ladens and the likes…..So you see the point?  Is it “Racial profiling” that most of the guys who are commiting such acts of violence unfotunately have names such as Khan? No. It is called “the reality”, which evidently most people on cable TV are incapable to understand or are not able to say it out of fear of their corporate bosses. This is a typical case of Political Correctness in the Media screwing things up.

Now another most important issue where our Reporters are trying to be their political correct best is the issue of Global warming. Everyother day thesedays when I switch on the TV the whole thing is Green and the News anchor would be wearing a Green Dress and the whole set is Green, It is yet another Green Day in the politically correct Newsroom. And nowadays it is cool for people to feign environmental consciousness. The other day I ripped apart one guy in the Gym who was carrying a Jute bag and started bragging to me that he is environmentally conscious. The guy carries a Jute bag around and actually thinks that he is “Saving the planet”? Give me a break. The Ego of it all. For the most part, Global Warming is being championed by people who want to feel that they are “important” and “relevant” in the world.  Same is the case with out journalists on TV who are taking up this cause. They want to satisfy their massive egos by being in a delusion that they are somehow “Saving the planet” by carrying jute bags around and riding bi-cycles. The fact of the matter is “Man made Global warming” is largely a HOAX. Some of the scientists who are championing global warming are the same ones who once talked about Global Cooling and wrote articles asking if we are going to see another Ice age. Now the Ice age turned out to be a Hoax and they took up this new cause of the warming globe. Even if global warming were to be true, It is NOT man made. It is a proven fact that Carbon dioxide makes up only 0.004% of the greenhouse gases. So even if we controlled the whole Co2 (By not breathing??) it still doesnt stop Global warming. And the funny thing is that no one is Certain that Global warming is true. As a matter of fact recent statistics show a trend of global cooling for past few months.  Now why am I concerned about the clowns in the Media taking up this cause is because, these guys dont know that organizations like Green Peace, and the Sierra Club and the rest who are active in promoting global warming theories believe in things like “Dry Toilets” for the whole of the developing world. They believe that if all the people in the developing world have toilets that can be flushed, The world will run out of water. And another major motivation for these guys is to reduce the use of Fossil Fuels like petrol and diesel by the developing countries which is giving a lot of power to unwanted forces in the Middle
East. And there are other motivations driving them that I dont want to mention here for various reasons.  Anyways what is the all the change in lifestyle that is being advocated by these guys for?? Cutting the .004% of  the greenhouse gases? Even if we cut that, Is it really going to have any significant effect on the Nature and the way it is changing?? Think about it!

Barkha Dutt is one talented journalist but is getting lost in political correctness!!  Rajdeep Sardesai’s wife Sagarika Ghose, like Hillary clinton, Has more ambition than she has talent. It is a perfect  fit for people like her to take up politically correct causes and feel “intellectual” . One journalist that I do like is Sunethra Choudury. She is a perfect mix of intellect and Feminine charm. Hope she doesnt get lost in political correctness too!!!

CHEERS! Keep checking for new posts!!!

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A Tale of two Resignations….

I recently quit my Job and am going to join a new Job tomorrow. In my career of 5 years I quit my Job twice, Which when I told one elderly person that I know well, He immediately retorted saying, “just be careful, changing Jobs frequently early in your career is not good for you”… I had to correct his misconception with statistics. According to Indian Industry standards, If someone sees that I was with my first firm for 3 years and the second for almost 2 years, I would be considered to be “loyal”. But anyways, this blog is not to prove my loyalty to anybody, or talk about it. I have a completely different take on “loyalty” and I can write a whole blog or even a book on that.

Today I went to the office to finish my “full and final(F&F ? )” settlement and other formalities and on my way back, I was thinking about the two resignations that I went through so far and how different each one is….
My first Job was in HCL and I quit that Job after working 3 years there as I wanted to do an MBA, which actually didnt work out as I planned. But when I quit that Job, I can still remember I actually felt an emotional connection with the computer that I used there, As I was logging off for the last time from that computer I used for a long time, I actually felt like I was breaking up from a really nice girlfriend. I almost had tears in my eyes(NO Kidding). But somehow my second resignation is much different, I just couldn’t wait to get out of there.

I was thinking why it was so different. I somehow felt “like a fish out of the water” in this firm. I think it was because I just didn’t find any of my peers who are at my wavelength. Iam not talking about capabilities or intellect when I say wavelength. Its just attitudes and behaviour. When I look back, I hardly spoke to any of my peers, except a couple( actually except just one, I think he would know who he is). I had great managers, whom I never had any issues with ever. I definitely had a good time here but the context is, I am comparing this experience with my previous experience in a different firm. The bunch of guys that I hung out with in HCL 2 years back are still some of my best friends who I still get together with occasionally and have a blast. When HCL says “Employee first and Customer Second” Its just not an attention catching marketing phrase. They do mean it.

And another reason why the experience was so different is because, I was in operations in HCL as  a Team Lead (Billable Resource) and here I was an executive in a sales team(Non-billable resource). Now thats a very big difference there. But I made a decision to be in sales as I felt that is the “happening place”.  I had to take up an “account executive” role coz I was making a career shift to Software sales. I did learn a lot, but I am not trying to list down all the positives and negatives of my Job here, I am just comparing the experience of resigning from two firms.

And another, and I think the main, thing that I think explains  the big difference that I felt while resigning is that, maybe I just lost all emotions. I am not as emotional as I was 2 years back?? I dont know. Or maybe there is nothing that made me emotionally attached to the firm even after being there for almost 2 years, I still felt out of place…I dont really know which one it is. But these are some of the things that I think made the difference….

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MJ – Not my Hero..

Now that the dust has settled on the Death of Michael Jackson and the Media frenzy surromichael-jacksonunding it running upto his memorial service, I thought this would be the right time to run my mouth(Or hands actually) on what I feel about MJ. Being in India, I have to say MJ is the original breakout artist who crossed all boundaries and language barriers around the world. Especially in India, people started listening to American Pop only after MJ’s “Thriller” became a run away hit here. I can still remember, I was in the 5th or 6th grade i think, when ‘Thriller’ came out, and thats 3 years after it was released in the US and then followed by ‘Dangerous which came to the Indian market around the same time it got released in the US. I used to play this records over and over and over again. Even now, one of my Favorite pop songs is “don’t stop till you get enough” by MJ, can never get enough of that one. Michael Jackson is a MUSICAL GENIUS period.  But……

I couldn’t bring myself to stop wobbling between the extremes of laughter and outrage when I was watching the memorial service the other day (thanks to and facebook for putting it live on the internet) and the media coverage in general. It was a complete Joke. It was especially scary to see Mariah Carey with her low neckline singing next to a corpse. It was plain torture and the kind of stuff which gives you nightmares. What I am trying to say is, they made the guy out to be some kind of Martin Luther King Jr. When in truth, he is the exact opposite of that. And to watch the Joker Rev. Al Sharpton harping on how MJ had a lot to do with Barack Obama (first black) becoming the president and how MJ apparently taught us to “love one another” you would think that he is talking about Jesus Christ and the Sermon on the Mount. It was a complete Joke.

The truth is MJ is a pervert. I will try hard not to pass judgments. But we have to call a spade a spade. Yes he is a Musical Genius, Yes he is one of the greatest Dancers, Yes he is one of the greatest entertainers. But that’s it. It has to stop there. Someone should call out all these people for their hypocrisy in making the guy some kind of a civil rights Icon and a Noble person. He is NOT. And I know  that it would be rude on the part of the media to air negative stories when the family is grieving. But what they fail to understand is that they are mainstreaming the perverted, deviant behaviour of Michael Jackson by making him a hero. Just because the guy is a great entertainer doesnt mean that we can give him  a pass for all his deviant and perverted behaviour. If we do that, it contributes to mainstreaming of deviant and abnormal behaviour. Now I know that he is not found guilty of any child molestation charges by the Jury. But that doesn’t mean that he is not guilty. If you read the smoking gun reports about the charges filed on him and the confession made by a couple of kids about their interactions with MJ, it is too graphic, I cant put that material on here. And MJ settled one of those cases out of court apparently paying the kid and his family a whupping 22 Million Dollars. After that he disappeared and we never saw him again. He left a debt of about 400 Million dollars when he died and no money to take care of his kids while all the way spending millions of dollars on himself in the way of prescription drugs and other intoxicants. What kind of a responsible father would do that? And you just watch and see as the dirt comes out one after the other now that he is dead. I truly believe he has too many hidden skeletons in his closet and they would start coming out soon. You just wait and watch.

I think everyone should read this article  (  which came out in the British press while the American press is doing its best in still covering up everything and presenting a rosy and cosy picture about MJ’s life. Thats IT. I have spit out whatever is running in my mind on this issue. Everyone’s entitled to have their own opinion.  If you still think MJ is some kind of a Noble human being, you are free to think so….But there I said it about what I think about this guy. He is a musical genius but a pervert in his personal life. Definitely not my hero.

Cheers….keep checking for new posts……

Is Mel Gibson a Hypocrite?

Its been sometime since i wrote my last blog. For most part, it is because I didnt find anything interesting enough for me to rant about.

Now I know that Mel Gibson is old news. I was watching a taped interview of Mel with Leno the other day on youtube and it struck me how much this guy has changed from the time we know him from the “passion of the Christ” days. A lot of people in the media like Bill Maher started saying that he is a hypocrite. But here is my take on this.

A little background:

Flashback to 2004, Mel made the Top grossing film of 2004 and one of the biggest hits in the history which is “The passion of the christ” he spent his own money to produce this film coz none of the hollywood studios would support it saying that it is anti-semitic. And he couldn’t even find anyone in America to distribute the film and he had to distribute the film himself. But it went on to become the highest grosser of 2004 and its History.

fast forward to 2006: Mel Gibson was arrested for DUI  and he apparently made some anti-semitic remarks to the officer who arrested him who happens to be a jew. And it became a big thing in Hollywood with a lot of people calling for blacklisting Mel and his promoting company. And having a father who is a known anti-semite doesn’t especially help at times like these. As hollywood for the most part is run by secular Jews, Mel faded into oblivion from then on, which everybody knows.

Now in 2009, Mel is looking to make a comeback and he has appeared on a lot of talk shows really making fun of himself trying to revive his career. And he is in the news a lot lately because of the nasty divorce that he is going through and it looks like everyother day one russian or Yugoslovakian or Georgian Chic comes out and says that she is the reason for Mel’s divorce. And he himself has been flaunting one russian chic as his girl friend these days.

It gave rise to a lot of Media criticism that Mel is a Hypocrite especially because not so far back in 2004 Gibson was the world’s best-known Traditionalist Catholic, talking about his preference for the old-style teachings of Vatican  (no divorce, no Russian girlfriends while still married). He talked a lot during that days about his apparent “spiritual journey” and to quote him out of readers digest on his film “POTC”: “I wanted to impress on the viewers the enormousness of this sacrifice, the willingness — and the horror of it. I wanted to overwhelm people with it.”

OK I think thats enough background.

Now the question is
1) Is Mel’s religious fervour those days real or is he in it just for the money?
2)What explains his erratic behaviour these days like flaunting a New russian chic as his girl everyother day and making a fool out of himself on talk shows? Like the otherday he actually called himself the “Octo-mel” referring to the fact that his present girl is carrying his 8th Child…(And for those of you who dont know…it is a reference to “Octomom”:  google “octomom” if you are not aware of what this is)

I personally feel that Mel’s religious fervour during the passion of christ days is real and he is basically a religious person trying hard to follow what he was taught as a child in the catholic church. But just like anyother  christian or Social Conservative in other words, he is not perfect.  But he tried hard and is still trying hard, I believe, to be perfect.  But he has no delusions of his perfection unlike all the self-righteous snobs who are critisizing him now of being hypocrytical.

As for his bizzare behaviour, i think he is just trying to reinvent his image as a typical hollywood establishment type or the wild showbusiness type of guy which is essential, I think, for survival in Hollywood and showbusiness in general. I feel hollywood and all these talkshow buffoons in Newyork all promote this kind of decadent culture and you have to be part of that if you want to survive in that business.

OK i think thats enough said as I will invariably go into profanities against the showbusiness guys if I continue any further. But I intend this blog to be PG rated so I am going to stop here……

So is Mel Gibson a Hypocrite? Hell NO!!!
But is he acting like a retard? Definitely Yes.

Keep checking for new posts…cheers.

the pitcher longs for water to carry..and a person for work that is real.

I work in Business development in an offshore software services firm. And I have to say that I hate my Job right now. It was interesting for a while when I first got into software sales.
My only consolation at this time is that I dont know very many people who are satisfied with their work either. So maybe it isnt that bad.
The title of this post is a fantastic quote by Marge Piercy “the pitcher longs for water to carry/and a person for work that is real.” Right now that is exactly the way I feel….i feel more and more that there is no Job in this world that would satisfy you as much as having your own Business….whatever that business might be….In India, Unfortunately, It is not as glamorous to be a small time entrepreneur as it is to work for a “MNC”. India is like what the Valley was in 1990’s but with a slight twist. No one wants to work in a start up company as a start up due to socio economic factors such as arranged marriage which is still a big thing, when parents walk up to seek a bride or a groom, the question they ask is, which company do you work for and if it is a company the parents have heard of, then they are on top of the list, if not, they are in queue . India has not seen a netscape or a google that has made millionaires out of employees and hence it is not cool to work for a startup either…
i liked this NYT piece: The case for working with your hands.
think it is relevant to what I am writing about now….A JOB THAT IS REAL…..

Hello world!

I am still strying to figure out what to blog about in this Blog…for now, I am gonna write about whatever is in my mind, whenever I have time….